Special Education Inclusion Committee

WELCOME to the Special Education Inclusion Committee (SEIC) site.

The Special Education and Inclusion Committee (SEIC) is proud to be a part of the Wake PTA Council. While we provide families with information and tools to support their child’s educational needs, we also offer support to PTAs so that their programs and events are inclusive of all children and their families.

SEIC’s vision is to create a network of parents, educators, and administrators who will work cooperatively and constructively to meet the needs of all students receiving special education services in the most integrated environment, with appropriate support in place, to ensure that the students will learn and be valued members of their school community.

WHAT WE Offer: IDEAS for including all students in your PTA events and programs, RESOURCE links, and SUPPORT to groups who wish to offer workshops on special education topics.

Our Goal is to have an SEIC Contact on every WCPSS school PTA. The SEIC Contact has 2 key roles:

  1. To offer ideas for accommodations to PTA programs that facilitate inclusion of the whole school community.

  2. To serve as a link to resources for parents and educators on special education and related community services.

What does SEIC Provide?

People come to SEIC for a variety of reasons. Some want information, some want to connect with others, and some wish to support their students with special needs. Here are ways that volunteers of SEIC work to fulfill these different needs and interests.

Don’t know where to turn for resources?

Information about resources, community services, and local events are shared through the following media:

Do you ever feel like others don’t understand?

We support each other by:

  • Connecting with other parents to share ideas and resources.

  • Supporting other parents and educators by connecting them with information and community resources (from SEIC).

  • Making connections within the school community to support inclusive PTA programming.

Ready to provide support to others?

Get involved by:

  • Becoming an SEIC Contact. As an SEIC Contact, you would bring information from the Wake SEIC to your school PTA.

  • Joining the Wake PTA SEIC committee

  • Learning more about the Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC) http:/

  • Attending Wake PTA Council meetings to hear about how the council works.