Health & Wellness

Highlights from the WCPSS Student Wellness Policy

Click to view the full Wellness Policy #6140

1. It clarifies the role of the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC). (Section A)

2. It includes all 10 areas of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model. (Section A)

3. It has a focus on nutrition, healthy snacks and discusses competitive foods at the school. (Section C)

4. It has a focus on physical activity (recommending 30 minutes of activity each day for students K-8). (Section D)

5. It strongly endorses school gardens for both education and physical activity opportunities. It supports active transportation to and from school. It supports not using food as a reward/punishment and not using physical activity as punishment. (Section E)

6. It has guidance for implementing and reporting on how active students are and compliance on snacks at a county level. (Section F)

7. It is an upgrade from the previous policy.

Schools can go above and beyond what is required in the Wellness Policy.


Physical Activity

Mental Health and Coping Skills

Tobacco and Vaping

Underage Drinking

Prescription Drug

Family Tasting Nights

Aetna and National PTA are partnering with local PTAs to help families know more about healthier eating choices in the home and school. Students who make healthy eating choices do better in school. How does this Tasting Night work?

Your school will host two or three “Tasting Nights” where families will taste new food items, such as fruits and vegetables. Students will help choose the foods for the “Tasting Nights” by filling out the surveys you share with them. The results will be shared with the school and may be included in the school nutrition programs such as the School Breakfast Program or the National School Lunch Program.

At the end of the Tasting Night, families will receive a take home kit that includes the food offered at the tasting along with a recipe card and nutrition information about the item. Check out the Healthy Eating Resources guide to see if you can find healthy recipes involving you new foods. Also, make sure to ask your school’s nutrition team if they have suggestions or recipes to share. To help us see the impact of these events, we are asking your PTA to have families and students complete surveys before and after the series of tasting nights so we know if their behavior/thinking changed. And we also have a survey for you to give to your school cafeteria staff to learn more about how they work with families.