Highlights from the WCPSS Student Wellness Policy

Click to view the full Wellness Policy #6140

1. It clarifies the role of the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC). (Section A) 

2. It includes all 10 areas of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model. (Section A) 

3. It has a focus on nutrition, healthy snacks and discusses competitive foods at the school. (Section C) 

4. It has a focus on physical activity (recommending 30 minutes of activity each day for students K-8). (Section D) 

5. It strongly endorses school gardens for both education and physical activity opportunities. It supports active transportation to and from school. It supports not using food as a reward/punishment and not using physical activity as punishment. (Section E) 

6. It has guidance for implementing and reporting on how active students are and compliance on snacks at a county level. (Section F) 

7. It is an upgrade from the previous policy. 

Schools can go above and beyond what is required  in the Wellness Policy.