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Getting ready for your 2021-22 Officer Elections

Per our PTA bylaws, the nominating committee is normally formed by November allowing most of the school year to identify individuals to serve as officers of your local pta for the following school year. Things have been a bit different this school year so you may be behind. There is still time to get your slate ready. How are things going?

Here is some quick information you should know:

The nominating committee is made up of an odd number and no fewer than three members (Section 8.3 a-b).

  • At least two of the committee members shall be board members,

  • and at least one committee member shall be a member of the local PTA who does not serve on the board.

  • The principal and the PTA president are not allowed to be on the nominating committee.

What should the nominating committee do?

  1. Send out announcement to the general membership indicating nominating committee is seeking candidates for open positions

  2. Make sure your announcements have names, contact information and the nominating committee deadlines

  3. If you know of someone who is qualified, reach out to them! People like to be asked.

  4. Give a description of the open position(s), responsibilities of the position and the estimated time commitment.

  5. Screen, evaluate and interview the candidates

  6. Put together a slate of nominees

Do you have additional questions about the nominating committee or elections for the upcoming school year? Please contact leadership@wakepta.org or join us for a WCPTA Q&A session listed below.

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